Carpal tunnel Syndrome

What is it?

Carpal tunnel syndrome refers to a collection of symptoms in the hand and arm due to increased pressure in the wrist causing compression of the median nerve.

What are the symptoms?

Pins & needles, tingling sensation affecting the thumb, index, middle and ring fingers.

The symptoms can be particularly bad at night, leading to restless sleep and constant waking.

It may also lead to numbness and pain in the hand and sometimes forearm. This can cause weakness, clumsiness and loss of fine control of the hand.

what is the treatment?

For mild cases, sometimes a wrist splint or injection is sufficient to control symptoms. 

For severe cases, carpal tunnel surgery is often required. It involves releasing the tight tissues on top of the nerve that’s causing compression. Mr Wu is one of a few surgeons in the UK that regularly performs endoscopic (keyhole) carpal tunnel surgery. This leaves a significantly smaller scar (7-9mm), results in much better post-operative pain, and enables quicker return to work. There is typically an immediate relief of pain, meaning patients can finally get a good night’s sleep on the evening of the operation!

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