Ligament Injuries

What is it?

The wrist is a highly complex joint made up of a large number of ligaments. This provides the wrist with the support and suppleness to do strong and delicate tasks.

What are the symptoms?

Wrist ligament injuries can be acute or chronic.

Acute injuries are normally from a sporting injury, fall, or accident. Symptoms include swelling, pain and redness. It’s important to get acute injuries assessed early, so ligament tears can be repaired in a timely manner.

Chronic injuries can often occur without the patient knowing. These are generally attributed to simple ‘sprains’, but end up being more serious. Chronic ligament injuries can cause long-standing weakness, stiffness and pain. If untreated, ligament injuries in the wrist can lead to very early arthritis, even in young individuals.

what is the treatment?

For wrist ligament injuries, it is extremely important to establish an accurate diagnosis early and thoroughly.

At the Birmingham Arm Clinic, your symptoms will be discussed and assessed in detail, before a detailed examination of your arm. Radiological investigations such as X-rays or an MRI scan will be requested next to confirm your diagnosis.

For sprains or partial ligament tears, injections, splinting and specialist hand therapy is normally all that’s required. For complete ligament tears, surgery to repair or reconstruct the ligament is needed to restore normal function and prevent early arthritis.

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